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dacoso Cooperating with ID Quantique to Offer QKD Security

By IQT News posted 12 Sep 2019

(Dacoso) dacoso, an IT service provider for data connections and data security, is cooperating with ID Quantique (IDQ), a leading global provider of quantum secure transmission solutions, to jointly offer forward-looking security solutions to companies.
In this new threat landscape, it is critical for organizations to equip themselves with the right technologies to protect sensitive data. For this purpose, dacoso integrates the so-called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) of ID Quantique into the optical data transmission technology of the dacoso partner ADVA. QKD uses a fundamental law of quantum physics: observation causes influence – and this is demonstrably recognized. In this case, the data transmission stops immediately and an alarm is triggered. This process ensures secure key exchange and data integrity against both classical and quantum attacks.
“Quantum computing will have a profound impact on modern encryption methods and make most of them obsolete,” explains Thomas Joswig, CEO of dacoso GmbH. “Quantum Key Distribution is an indispensable technology for future data security. Our partnership with ID Quantique ensures that we can offer our customers a reliable solution against cybercrime”.

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