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D-Wave’s Lower-Noise D-Wave 2000Q™ Cloud Service Will Improve Performance & Precision

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 17 May 2019

(APNews) The lower-noise D-Wave 2000Q™ processor in the Leap™ quantum cloud service introduced by D-Wave Systems will improve performance, precision, and impact on quantum effects by reducing environmental noise in quantum annealing systems.
The lower-noise 2000Q processor is available only to cloud customers and is an illustration of technologies that will be used in D-Wave’s next-generation platform. This represents the first of many innovations that will be delivered via ongoing quantum processor and software updates through the cloud as the company moves towards its next-generation platform. The new platform will encompass a new topology, lower noise (demonstrated today), increased qubit count, and expansion of hybrid software and tools that will come to market between now and mid-2020.
By putting the lower-noise 2000Q processor into Leap, users will now benefit from access to both processors, offering two versions of the same quantum computer architecture with different levels of noise within a common quantum cloud environment. For the first time, users can probe and quantify the impact of reduced noise on performance, expanding the early benefits of lower noise to thousands of developers, researchers, and forward-thinking businesses around the globe.

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