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D-Wave Government Sponsors Quantum Academy to Accelerate Government Adoption of Practical Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 16 Apr 2021

(HPC.Wire) D-Wave Government Inc., a subsidiary providing D-Wave’s quantum computing technology, software, services, and expertise to the U.S. government, and Cyber Bytes Foundation (CBF), a non-profit producing education, innovation, and outreach programs responsive to national security challenges, today announced they will work together to host a quantum academy.
Quantum computing’s importance to our national security remains a focus for the federal government. In the FY21 NDAA, the Service Secretaries were tasked with providing an annual list of technical problems and research challenges likely to be addressable by quantum computers and available for use within the next one to three years. The CBF Quantum Academy, sponsored by D-Wave Government Inc., is aimed at providing strategic guidance, training, and education to ensure the government understands how to best harness the powerful and complex technology. Together, the two organizations are hosting four academy events this year. These events will be available to attend in a virtual capacity in the short term, with the potential to attend in-person at the Quantico Cyber Hub in Stafford, VA later in the year.
“Expanding quantum computing access and understanding of the capabilities of today’s technology within the U.S. government is critical to the technology’s continued maturation and role in the public sector. Cyber Bytes Foundation’s education and outreach expertise complements D-Wave Government’s quantum leadership in this shared endeavor,” said Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. “Practical quantum computing is capable of delivering value and tackling complex problems that matter to the U.S. government today – from public safety planning to autonomous vehicle routing. We look forward to working with CBF to help the government better understand how to harness quantum computing.”

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