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D-Wave Announces D-Wave Hybrid™ Open-Source Workflow Platform & Quantum Hybrid Strategy

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 27 Jun 2019

(GlobeNewsWire) D-Wave Systems Inc. has announced the general availability of D-Wave Hybrid™, a simple open-source hybrid workflow platform for building and running quantum-classical hybrid applications. D-Wave Hybrid is part of the Ocean software development kit within D-Wave’s Leap™ quantum cloud service and is available today for download. The D-Wave hybrid framework provides simplified workflow controls to developers, allowing them to use both classical and quantum systems in parallel, gain insight into system performance, optimize code across systems, and develop quantum hybrid applications more easily.
D-Wave Hybrid is designed to simplify and accelerate developers’ ability to build and run algorithms across classical and quantum systems, continuing D-Wave’s work to help customers with their real-world application development.
As part of the general availability of D-Wave Hybrid, the company also shared its quantum hybrid strategy. The overview, Three Truths and the Advent of Hybrid Quantum Computing, details how developers, researchers, and forward-thinking businesses can optimize complex problems and now benefit from applying both classical and quantum systems to find solutions. D-Wave’s strategy is to deliver a hybrid platform that makes it easy for developers to leverage the most appropriate computing resources for each part of their application and to eliminate the need to worry about the actual size and topology of the QPU.

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