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CTO of QNu Interviewed by Analytics India; Calls for Quantum-Secure Encryption To Prevent Future Attacks

By IQT News posted 12 Oct 2020

(AnalyticsIndia) Vishal Chawla, a senior tech journalist at Analytics India reached out for this week’s interview to Vivek Shenoy, Chief Technology Officer, QNu Labs- an organisation that is currently leading the quantum encryption market in India. The firm has deployed its solutions across sectors such as defence, telecom, banking, finance and so on. According to Vivek Shenoy, the objective of QNu Labs is to put India at the forefront of data security through a new paradigm in encrypting keys using quantum physics principles.
Sheney explained that the quantum ecosystem in India is in a nascent stage. There is a precise intent shown by the government when it comes to providing the necessary impetus towards the growth of Quantum Technologies in India. The allocation of ₹8,000 crores towards the development of technologies such as Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Communication announced during the Union Budget 2020 will help India make significant strides in this space. But, there are critical challenges which need to be addressed for India to be a front runner.
QNu labs is a leading home-grown organisation that is at the vanguard of the quantum ecosystem in India. We are the enablers of the Quantum Technologies ecosystem in India, having developed ready to deploy solutions for two out of the nine applications identified under the National Mission on Quantum Technologies Applications. We are also the first company to represent Indian quantum technology ecosystem globally at the Quantum Alliance Initiative (QAI).
Sheney believes India must promote home-grown organisations to come up with new quantum technologies identified under the National Mission on Quantum Technologies. We also need to scale our hardware capabilities and strengthen the existing infrastructure to facilitate the development of new technologies.
QNu is the only Indian company to have made significant strides when it comes to quantum encryption according to Sheney. That means that QNu’s security solutions are the most advanced and safe when it comes to present-day cybersecurity infrastructure. Nothing in the present day and age can penetrate the robust security mechanism that we provide to our customers. This is why we have been able to deploy our solutions across sectors such as defence, telecom, banking, finance and so on.

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