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Cryptography Industry Already Busy Creating Post-Quantum Cryptography Solutions

By IQT News posted 23 May 2019

(SecurityBoulevard) Crytography, one of the technologies that has long been hailed as the industry’s salvation, is in a time of great transition at a moment when it’s needed more than ever to keep data safe. The whole topic of cryptography has gotten so complex that the industry is busy creating post-quantum cryptography solutions to help protect against attacks launched from quantum computers that won’t even be commonplace for another decade.
Given confusion over not only when we’re actually being hacked, but how to even recognize that it’s happening, it’s no surprise that demand for quantum cryptography, cryptography’s amped-up next frontier, is expected to take off. The addressable market for quantum cryptography, which ups the ante from classical cryptography by ensuring that data is in a constant state of flux.
Security pro Timothy Hollebeek has made it clear that that cyber security teams can’t get too far out in front of this development. “If you are a technology vendor or an enterprise that deploys network-connected devices, it is important to know the security implications and impact that quantum computers might have on your organization,” he wrote. “Understanding what actions you can take today will prepare your organization against the threats of tomorrow.”

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