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Cryptography Expert Dolev Discusses Encryption in a Quantum-Led World

By IQT News posted 25 Jan 2019

(DigitalJournal) There is an urgency to develop post-quantum encryption protocols in order to protect national security. To gain further insight into these risks, Digital Journal conducted this interview with cryptography expert Shlomi Dolev, Professor of Computer Science at Ben Gurion University and CSO of Secret Double Octopus.
Dolev explained that current initiatives are similar to the nuclear arms race in the 1950’s. Now, the scientific and technological race in quantum computing and quantum information is accelerating, as nations begin to recognize the power of Quantum information and computing as crucial for their economic, governmental and defense capabilities. There are a lot of competitors vying to be the world leader in the quantum technology sector.
Dovel spoke in detail about quantum encryption and explained it has several meanings. One is quantum key distribution (QKD) that uses high probability to sense is whether someone eavesdropped during the key distribution. Another approach in the scope of quantum encryption is the search for one-way-functions that are not known to be broken by Quantum computers.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/tech-and-science/technology/q-a-the-future-of-encryption-in-a-quantum-led-world/article/540909#ixzz5ddVturT8

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