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Crypta Labs Cracks Random Number Generation for the Quantum Era Using Light

By IQT News posted 22 Aug 2019

(InformationAge) Random numbers are essential for security. If identification numbers are not generated randomly, then once hackers have managed to work out one number, maybe via a phishing attack, or some other nefarious means, then, equipped with sufficient computer power, they can work out future numbers that might be used for security purposes.
As the era of quantum computers dawns, maybe during the course of the next decade, then the most complex mechanism for generating numbers will be vulnerable.
“Encryption needs random numbers to make it secure” explained Crypta Labs’ CEO, Joe HQ Luong. “But most of the random numbers that are used today, for everyday usage, generate pseudo random numbers.
“We believe that there is only one true way to generate a random number and that’s from a quantum source. It’s been proven already. Over and over again it has been shown that even this ring mechanism is not secure,” says Luong.
The Crypta Labs solution instead processes light, using technology that comes with an Android phone, or a digital camera. The light is converted into a number — a truly random number. “Because it sits in a random format from a quantum source or a photon source, the data that’s coming out of this is purely random.” The sensor can then take that data from that light to generate a random number.

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