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COVID-19 and the Future of Work Predicted by QuantumXchange Employees

By IQT News posted 07 May 2020

(QuantumXC) QuantumXchange shares its in-house expertise in a perceptive set of comments from employees who share their thoughts on the effect the COVID-19 crisis is having on cybersecurity as employees go fully remote. The Quantum Xchange workforce shared their thoughts, observations, and predictions on what corporate life might look like post COVID-19 and any immediate tips they have for fellow cybersecurity pros and organizations to help get through these unprecedented times. Here’s what they had to say.
“History shows that economic hardships bring increased cyberattacks – cybercriminals are just that opportunistic. The broken economy, increased digitization, and sophisticated hackers means more data is more vulnerable than ever. I believe the post COVID-19 environment, combined with the quantum threat, will see organizations looking for new methods and technologies for securing communications channels and the data that flows between on-premise, remote, and cloud-based systems.— April Burghardt, VP of Corporate Communications.
“The pace of cloud adoption will increase as more people work remotely. First, the ability to be ‘local to the data’ in some instances simply will no longer exist. Also, for the IT team, it can be more difficult to manage on-premise systems remotely than it is to manage cloud environments. These realities will drive increased cloud adoption and with that comes the need to firmly secure the connections to critical cloud infrastructure. If you’re building a secure network to address your new or emerging cloud computing needs, it makes sense to future proof it and make it quantum-safe now.” — Don Manley, VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

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