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Covestro’s Gogolin Interview: Quantum Computing May Significantly Widen the Range of Chemical Systems

By IQT News posted 30 Jul 2020

(DQ.India) Christian Gogolin, Expert in Quantum Computing at Covestro, is interviewed here about quantum computing. Covestro AG is a German company which produces specialty chemicals for heat insulation foams and transparent polycarbonate plastics. It is a Bayer spin off formed in the fall of 2015 and was formerly called Bayer MaterialScience.
Gogolin explains that Covestro and Google are co-operating on research for novel computer technology. He said Quantum computing has the potential to make certain calculations feasible that will remain impossible on classical computing devices. Quantum computers appear to be particularly good at simulating quantum mechanical processes, such as those happening during chemical reactions in molecules.
We are not working on quantum computing hardware, but rather, want to further the development of quantum computing algorithms and software. Here, we have already broken new ground by proposing a new kind of ansatz for so-called variational quantum algorithms, which combines the ideas from quantum computing with such additions from classical computational chemistry.
Excellent interview with insights into the use of quantum computing in chemical systems.

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