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Computer Hardware & Financial Companies Recruiting Talent for Quantum Tech Units

By IQT News posted 04 Dec 2019

(News.eFinancial) An AWS service that will allow users to experiment with computers from quantum hardware providers that hasn’t escaped the attention of investment banks. Goldman Sachs has been looking for someone to lead its quantum computing unit.
One of the biggest recruiters of quantum computing talent in the U.S. this year, however, has been IBM (which recently cast aspersions on Google’s claim to have achieved quantum supremacy). The technology company employs hundreds of people in a quantum research lab and is preparing to launch a 53 qubit quantum computer. In September, it opened a quantum computation center in New York City and is running quantum internships. It’s also partnering with Wells Fargo.
How much can you earn working in quantum computing for IBM? The H1B salary database offers a few pointers: IBM recruited five people on H1B visas to its quantum recruiting team this year. They include: three quantum solutions developers in Yorktown Heights, on salaries of between $120k and $125k, one quantum applications researcher in San Francisco on a salary of $250k, and one quantum computing applications researcher in San Jose on a salary of $145k.

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