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Commerce Department Report on Space Commerce Recommends Research on Quantum Satellite Technologies

By IQT News posted 10 Apr 2019

(SpaceNews.com) The U.S. Commerce Department on March 26 sent a report to the White House that includes an examination quantum satellite communication technologies. The report declares that sufficient access to radio frequency spectrum critical for a healthy domestic space industry. Entitled “Driving Space Commerce Through Effective Spectrum Policy,” the report included 13 recommendations on topics ranging from signal interference, to quantum satellite technology to deep space communications meant to improve U.S. competitiveness.
The Commerce Department said the report “must be viewed as an initial effort,” to catalyze more research, culminating in decision making.
One of the recommendations is to “Examine the impact of quantum satellite communication technologies on the U.S. radio frequency ecosystem.”
Here are all 13 of the Commerce Department report’s recommendations:
–Allocate and assign radio frequencies domestically in a manner that recognizes satellite operations are essential for space commerce innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth.
–Spectrum policy must balance in future allocations the rising demand for service with the availability of new technologies that significantly enhance spectral efficiency.
–Support global harmonization of the radio frequency spectrum for space activities.
–Improve radio frequency access for commercial space launches in the United States.
–Protect space operations from harmful radio frequency interference.
–Examine the impact of quantum satellite communication technologies on the U.S. radio frequency ecosystem.
–Develop short-term and long-term spectrum policies that ensure deep space communications and navigation capabilities can meet exponentially increasing demand.
–Support appropriate policies that can help speed the delivery of satellite broadband solutions to global markets in both served and underserved areas.
–Advance a streamlined U.S. radio frequency licensing process for all satellites.
–Streamline the U.S. process for authorizing domestic reception of foreign Global Navigation Satellite System signals when found to be in the national interest.
–Work with like-minded countries to improve the space-related activities and processes of the International –Telecommunication Union and other multilateral Organizations.
–Develop a robust process for periodic stakeholder input.
–Assess spectrum demand for space operation and report on efforts to meet it.

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