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ColdQuanta, Classiq target high-level needs with 100-qubit quantum circuits

By Dan O'Shea posted 26 Jan 2022

ColdQuanta and Classiq this week announced a partnership which matches the former’s Hilbert quantum computer with the latter’s quantum algorithm design platform to enable clients to create, simulate and execute 100-qubit quantum circuits to address high-level use cases.

ColdQuanta has previously said Hilbert would be ready by early this year to deliver 100 qubits, with a future goal to reach 1,000 qubits by 2024. The company last month announced a deal to make Hilbert available to the Strangeworks platform-as-a-service community. Along with this Classiq partnership ColdQuanta is positioning Hilbert through these efforts to be more readily available to target the quantum needs of users across a variety of applications and sectors, including finance, material science, supply chain, and machine learning challenges.

Pairing Hilbert with Classiq’s software platform “makes it possible to create complex quantum circuits by starting from a high-level functional model of the circuit and then automatically synthesizing and optimizing a working quantum circuit from it,” according to a statement from the companies. 

Quantum technology companies are starting to acquire a sense of urgency about guiding prospective customers toward using quantum computing to solve their real-world problems. Part of this has to do with a growing need to realize some revenue from their innovations, but it also wouldn’t be possible if both hardware and software were not maturing very rapidly.

“As the industry moves from toy problems solved by toy circuits running on small quantum computers to solving real problems that require complex circuits on larger quantum computers, there is an acute need for a high-level platform to develop these circuits quickly and efficiently,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq, in the statement. “Our quantum algorithm design platform is the world’s first quantum Integrated Development Environment that lets the user focus on the ‘what’ – the desired functionality – and automates the process of creating the ‘how’ – the exact quantum circuit that delivers this functionality. We are delighted to partner with ColdQuanta to usher in a new era of quantum usefulness.”

“ColdQuanta is developing a powerful quantum computer that can solve real-world problems,” added Paul Lipman, ColdQuanta’s president of quantum information platforms. “Our partnership with Classiq allows us to create an easy on-ramp for customers so that they can model and execute complex circuits with ease.”

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