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Cold Quanta on Track to Deliver ‘Hilbert’ Quantum Computer in 2021

By IQT News posted 20 Jul 2021

(CapacityMedia) ColdQuanta says it is on track to deliver its quantum computer, Hilbert, later this year.
ColdQuanta, of which Zayo founder Caruso is executive chairman, says it has already trapped and addressed 100 qubits – quantum bits – in a large, dense 2-D cold atom array.
“The digital gate-based quantum computer will be among the most powerful in the world using pristine qubits that have the stability of atomic clocks to massively scale qubit count beyond what is possible with other quantum computing approaches,” said the company.
The next step, it added, is to scale towards solving problems with commercial impact. “The scalability of Hilbert will enable ColdQuanta to solve important customer computation problems more rapidly and with greater efficiency in environments where optimisation is critical.”
Paul Lipman, president of quantum computing at ColdQuanta, said: “Today’s continued progress represents the completion of a critical step in bringing our cold atom quantum technology to market and showcasing its potential to support a variety of practical use cases.”
Lipman, a physicist, joined ColdQuanta in April after five years as CEO of BullGuard, a UK-based consumer and small business security company. He said: “Our cold atom method stands out among other modalities by demonstrating the potential for unmatched qubit scalability. We are on the brink of delivering a compelling platform and on the doorstep of commercialisation.”

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