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On-Chip Quantum Emitter Could Be Key to Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 26 Nov 2018

(SpectrumIEEE) Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have developed an on-chip quantum emitter capable of emitting one photon of light at a time with a previously unattainable spatial resolution and efficiency. This advance could prove key to the development of unbreakable cryptography and quantum computers.
For the past decade, quantum dots have been the de facto approach for creating on-chip quantum emitters. Stefan Strauf, a professor at Stevens abandoned quantum dots altogether and took a different approach for quantum emission: two-dimensional tungsten diselenide stretched over an array of gold nanocubes. “What we’re working towards is finding ways to make these quantum emitters not only work at a very low temperature, but to make them work at higher temperatures,” said Strauf. He also said that they also aim to make the device operate electrically rather than just optically, so that it could operate with current being applied, rather than being triggered with a laser.

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