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Chinese Scientists Developing AI Specifically for a Quantum Computer

By IQT News posted 02 Jan 2020

(SouthChinaMorningPost) According to a new study by scientists in China – which has established some of the world’s largest quantum research facilities – machine learning technology can slash the time-consuming task of calculating the nature of the quirky ties between particles that exist in the subatomic quantum realm.
This is important, according to the researchers, because different ties between particles make them suitable for different tasks. Most quantum devices – from key distribution networks for ultra-safe communication, superfast quantum computers, to quantum radar systems for stealth aircraft detection – remain tantalisingly beyond practical application because of the huge amount of traditional processing time required now to establish the nature of the ties between particles.
According to the scientists, this is not the end of their research. The team is now planning to continue training the machine with a larger data set, and is also developing new artificial intelligence technology specifically for a quantum computer, which is predicted to be up to 1 trillion times faster than the most powerful supercomputer today.
Some researchers say that a combination of AI and quantum computing might eventually lead to machines with intelligence equal or greater to that of humans.

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