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China’s Top Quantum Scientist Who Collaborates with Western Universities Has Ties to China’s Defense Companies

By IQT News posted 27 Dec 2019

(WashingtonPost) Pan Jian-Wei, a physicist who is the head of China’s quantum-technology program and known in China as the “father of quantum” has links to Chinese defense contractors. He and his team maintain research ties with Western universities, according to documents identified by Strider Technologies, a Washington area security company.
In an email exchange with The Washington Post this summer, Pan suggested that he and his university research team don’t assist Chinese military efforts to develop quantum technology.
Strider found that a state-owned shipbuilder of military and civilian vessels appointed Pan as deputy director of its science and technology committee in 2017. Strider also found that Pan last year signed an agreement committing his institution, the University of Science and Technology of China, to conduct quantum research with a state-owned defense contractor.
Pan has downplayed the significance of the documents, saying they did not mean that he or his researchers were supporting the development of military technology. “We are focused on the development of quantum information technology itself. Whether these technologies would be used in the military field is not my business and out of our control,” Pan said.

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