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China’s Experiment in Quantum Technology Brings Beijing Closer to Creating a Hack-Proof Network

By IQT News posted 11 Jan 2021

(SouthChinaMorningPost) China’s hack-proof quantum communication technology is “primarily ready” for practical use after a 4,600km (2,858 mile) network was put through two years of experimental service, researchers announced.
It is a milestone for China in its mission to develop a secure communications network free from hacking, and also provides an opportunity for China to take a lead role in quantum technology internationally. The Chinese scientists have been drafting international standards for relevant technologies with the International Organisation for Standardisation and other groups.
It was the world’s first quantum communication experiment of this scale and as such the network on trial applied the technology of quantum key distribution (QKD).
The satellite-to-ground QKD became more than 40 times higher than previous technologies in its “secret-key” rate, at 47.8 kilobits per second, the article said.
The satellite-to-ground QKD channel loss was comparable to the loss between a geostationary satellite and the ground. It could be feasible to construct more versatile and ultralong quantum links via geosynchronous satellites.
More than 150 users from industries, including finance, electric power and the government took part in the trial and aspects of the experiment. The State Grid’s Beijing headquarters sent encrypted data to its branch in far western Xinjiang through the QKD channel.

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