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China Telecom & Guodun Quantum Developing Smartphone that Supports Quantum Secure Calls

By IQT News posted 03 Dec 2020

(GizChina) China Telecom and Guodun Quantum are currently developing a smartphone project that supports quantum secure calls. The project will be promoted by the newly established joint venture company China Telecom Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. It will be oriented to the civilian market with a quantum call function. This service/phone should come to the end users at the end of this year or early next year and will be distributed to consumers through China Telecom’s channels.
The quantum phone is essentially a smartphone, not a time machine or a transmitter. Don’t think about the capabilities of quantum teleportation and quantum computing. It will not exceed the scope of the current smartphone capabilities, and it will not subvert 5G.
The phone has a built-in quantum call function. It is a superposition of two functions – smartphone communication function and quantum key distribution function. Its difficulty is not basic theory but engineering technology innovation. How to load the features of quantum secrecy in large-scale commercial smartphones requires solving some engineering and technical problems of the smartphone itself.

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