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China Plans to Develop ‘Disruptive’ Technologies Such as Quantum Radar & Communications Systems to Overtake US in Military Field

By IQT News posted 30 Nov 2020

(SouthChinaMorningPost) China’s plans to develop “disruptive” technologies could be key to it closing the gap or even overtaking its arch-rival the United States in the military field, analysts say.
Beijing has published its latest five-year plan for the nation’s development. The document, which spans the period from 2021-25, was adopted at a plenary session of the Communist Party Central Committee last week.
For the first time, the document used the term “disruptive technologies” with regards to its military development. Its predecessor, for 2015-20, focused on civil-military fusion and the modernisation of combat forces.
Military observers said the disruptive technologies – those that fundamentally change the status quo – might include such things as sixth-generation fighters, high-energy weapons like laser and rail guns, quantum radar and communications systems, new stealth materials, autonomous combat robots, orbital spacecraft, and biological technologies such as prosthetics and powered exoskeletons.

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