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Businesses Want to Know When Quantum Computers Will Be Able to Solve Hard Problems

By IQT News posted 20 Nov 2019

(CMSNewswire) Businesses and other enterprises more interested in knowing when quantum computers will be able to solve hard important problems faster than classical computers, and when quantum computers will be able to break cryptography than they are in quantum supremacy nuances. Current quantum computers are far from where we need them to be for practical applications due to their high level of “noise” (errors), Leonard Wossnig, CEO of UK-based Rahko wrote recently. “If we cannot find a way to use these current and near-term quantum computers,” he wrote, “we will need to wait for fully-error-corrected “universal” machines to be developed to see real significant benefit (15-20 years by many estimates). This is where the software becomes much more than a necessary complement to the hardware. Quantum software has the potential to significantly accelerate our pathway to practically useful quantum computers.

Quantum Computing Will Solve Business Problems and Simulations not Possible Today
Quantum computing promises to solve problems and drive simulations that have been computationally or physically intractable with conventional hardware, such as simulating the interactions of a novel pharmaceutical in vivo, creating secret messages that destroy themselves when read, or covertly monitoring remote systems without the need for an internet connection.

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