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Breakthrough Raises Quantum Memory Efficiency Over 99 Percent

By IQT News posted 28 May 2019

(CanadianHomesteading) A research team conducted by Prof. Du Shengwang from HKUST, Prof. Zhang Shanchao from SCNU, Prof. Yan Hui from SCNU and Prof. Zhu Shi-Liang from SCNU and Nanjing University has discovered a way to enhance the efficiency of photonic quantum memory to over 85% with a reliability of over 99% for the first time.
The team designed such a quantum memory by cornering billions of rubidium atoms into a small hair-like space. The atoms are cooled down to almost zero (around 0.0001 K), utilizing lasers and magnetic field. Researchers have also found a smart method to discern a single photon from the noisy background light. These discoveries bring the dream of a universal quantum computer closer to reality. A quantum memory device like that can also be arranged as a repeater in a quantum network, building the foundation for a new generation of internet based on quantum.

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