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‘Breakfast with Einstein’ Provides Insights into Quantum Phenomena–Both in Daily Life and Einstein’s Career

By IQT News posted 14 Nov 2018

(Forbes.com) The author of “Breakfast with Einstein” discusses new book that describes the ways in which quantum phenomena manifest in the course of ordinary morning activities. Author Chad Orzel discusses Einstein’s eventual disenchantment with quantum mechanics that has been exhaustively documented even though he played a pivotal role in launching the theory. But he stresses it is entirely appropriate to have Einstein’s name in the title of the book because he played a pivotal role in launching quantum mechanics.
His departure from the field was enormously influential, as the 1935 “EPR” paper he wrote with younger colleagues Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen provided one of the first clear examples of what’s now known as “entanglement,” and provided the foundation for revolutionary work in both the philosophical foundations of quantum physics and the technology of quantum information.

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