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BMW Chooses Honeywell Model H1 Quantum Computer And Entropica Labs For Supply Chain Quantum Proof-Of-Concept

By IQT News posted 23 Mar 2021

(Forbes) BMW, like other manufacturers, is currently limited to managing its supply chain and logics with classical computers and software. Although quantum computing is still in the prototype stage, BMW is interested in finding out if quantum computing had the potential to optimize and speed up supply chain management.
For this project, BMW teamed up with Entropica Labs, a Singapore-based quantum computing startup, and Honeywell Quantum Solutions. Expectations were that developing and running appropriate benchmarks for near-term quantum computers could provide BMW valuable insights into quantum’s potential value.
Entropica was chosen to create the necessary quantum algorithms and run them on the Honeywell Model H1. Entropica was founded in 2018 by Tommaso Demarie and Ewan Munro, alumni of Singapore’s Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT). In 2020 it raised USD 1.9 million in a seed funding round led by Elev8, a VC firm focused on deep-tech opportunities. In addition to prior experience with Honeywell’s Model 0 and Model H1, Entropica has also worked with other quantum cloud providers, including Rigetti Computing, IBM and Microsoft.
For BMW’s proof-of-concept, Entropica used a mathematical protocol called number partitioning. It is a classical grouping problem that provides a common entry point for many logistics and supply chain problems of industrial interest.

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