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Bloomberg Interviews IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Who Says ‘IBM Addresses Power of Quantum as Well as the Dark Side’

By IQT News posted 20 Sep 2019

(Bloomberg.com) IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty interviewed here by Bloomberg. Rometty discusses the “real world of quantum applications and blockchain”.
Rometty begins by explaining that IBM applies technologies to business AND also builds technologies.
She believes that blockchain and quantum are like any new technology that is overestimated in the beginning and underestimate in the long run.
Blockchain will put trust between parties who don’t know each othe
Quantum will solve problems that traditional computers cannot solve today. For example, bioscience still uses wet labs in biology and those are an approximation. Quantum technologies will enable bio-scientists to run accurate calculations that are impossible today.
Rometty points out that IBM has made commercial quantum available. She mentioned major corporations already using IBM’s cloud based quantum computing services. IBM quantum partners are Daimler that is working on battery materials and JP Morgan that is working on risk.
Lastly Rometty talks about the “Dark side of quantum” and that is its ability to break encryption. IBM has announced a quantum-safe solution in attice cryptography that quantum can’t break.
Ginni ROmetty closes by stressing, “If I build a tool this powerful then I will address the downside.” IBM is addressing both sides of quantum technology.

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