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Behind the Scenes: Galaxy A Quantum 5G Smartphone Powered by Betree’s QRNG Chipset

By IQT News posted 16 Jun 2020

(Business.Korea.KR) The Galaxy A Quantum smartphone debuted in May this year after four years of development efforts by SK Telecom and fabless (semiconductor design) company Betree. It is now the top seller among budget 5G smartphones in Korea.
Betree held a news conference on June 11 to give a detailed account of how the world’s first QRNG chipset for mobile devices was commercialized and found its way into Samsung Electronics’ smartphones.
SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics agreed at CES 2020 held in January to cooperate in installing a QRNG chipset on a smartphone. Before that, SK Telecom had helped Betree commercialize the chipset.
A QRNG chipset creates unpredictable and patternless pure random numbers, helping smartphone users enjoy certain services without worrying about security.
SK Telecom is planning to increase its lineup of smartphones loaded with quantum security technology by supplying QRNG chipsets for mobile devices to global smartphone manufacturers.

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