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BBVA’s Interest in Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 11 Dec 2019

(BBVA) BBVA has already taken an interest in quantum computing. The essay notes that BBVA can use classical computing and mathematical algorithms to make predictions about the future risk of a portfolio or we can study the stock market during a window of time. But quantum computing opens a completely new range of options to be explored. “A quantum computer can create superposition with multiple probabilities that we cannot achieve today, let alone examine the features of those probabilities. With this type of application, the quantum computer will be much more efficient than a classical computer,” asserts García Ripoll.
Despite all the possibilities promised by quantum computing, we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves, particularly in everyday life. We won’t see massive improvements in speed when downloading videos; nor will video game players benefit from even better graphics cards. Researchers are working on algorithms and mathematical models so that in a near future tasks that take a long time today can be executed more efficiently. “Quantum computing is just getting started, we are very much in the early days,” concludes Garcáa Ripoll.
NOTE: The purpose of the overall essay is to describe how quantum computing differs from classical computing in the technical sense.
The paragraphs excerpted above refer directly to the use of quantum computers in the financial industry as posited by BBVA.

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