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Battery Camera Developed at UK Quantum Technology Hub Uses Quantum Technology for Transport Electrification

By IQT News posted 12 Oct 2021

(QuantumSensors.org) A commercial battery imaging system born out of collaborative work with QT Hub researchers at the University of Sussex and CDO2 was unveiled in late September.
The new Battery Current Density Analyser is the first electric vehicle product developed using quantum technology to be made commercially available. The device scans electrical vehicle batteries to check for faults, with the aim of accelerating the development of more efficient, safer and more reliable batteries. Such developments are crucial to the future efficiency and environmental sustainability of low carbon vehicles.
Developed as a battery current density imaging system, the new product will act as a battery camera and be used by researchers and developers – such as those working at electric vehicle manufacturers – to see inside a battery from the outside. The device works by placing batteries in a magnetic shield and then scanning them during charge and discharge cycles. This is valuable when testing prototype battery designs, monitoring consistency of battery manufacturing and investigating the state of health and charge of a battery.

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