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Azhar Interviews PsiQuantum CEO Jeremy O’Brien: “Building a Quantum Computer with Light”

By IQT News posted 04 Feb 2021

(HarvardBusinessReview.org) Azeem Azhar interviews Jeremy O’Brien, CEO of PsiQuantum on this podcast.
O’Brien says, “Quantum computing is to conventional computing what a warp drive is to a bicycle,” says Jeremy O’Brien. They continue to disuss the exponential advantage quantum computing will bring to problems across science and industry, and how he’s using photonics to build the first productive quantum computer.

They also discuss:
Why only quantum computers can help solve our most intractable problems.
Why VCs are not rushing to fund this transformative technology.
How existing silicon chip techniques can be adapted to build components for photonic quantum computing.

Azeem Azhar bridges the gap between technology and humanities to provide a holistic understanding of our near future.

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