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Avaya Preparing for Quantum-Security Risks in the Near-Term

By IQT News posted 01 Apr 2020

(SIGNAL) This sponsored article by Avaya’s Director of Innovation explains what Avaya is doing to prepare its clients for the quantum computing era and create quantum-secure operations for those clients in the near term before the risk arrives.
Avaya has collaborated with leading post-quantum cryptography and quantum cryptography providers to define some practical quantum-secure innovations that can be deployed in the near-term, by using currently available technology. Avaya provides digital communications software, services, and devices, designed for businesses of all sizes. Avaya offers intelligent experiences customers, partners, and their customers—in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.
This sponsored article by Avaya’s Director of Innovation explains what Avaya is doing to prepare for the quantum comoputing era.
Avaya has teamed with one such identity and cyber security specialist, to develop Avaya Mobile Identity (AMI). It is an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution aimed at transforming and improving security in contact centers. Adversaries target contact centers to extract personal data that can be exploited elsewhere.
The ‘mobile-first’ IDaaS incorporates industry-leading biometrics to authenticate mobile callers. It unlocks sensitive data and uses blockchain to allow contact centers to authenticate the customer’s identity and data. The solution is fully quantum “ready” and will leverage quantum-resistant encryption to defend against future quantum computer attacks. Sensitive data is stored in a vault protected by full tokenization and encryption that can withstand attacks from quantum computers, securing data stored today against future threats.
Other areas where Avaya is working with partners include:
Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on Post-Quantum Key Exchanges within IKEv2
OpenVPN Based on TLS 1.3 Using Hybrid Post-Quantum Key Exchanges
Quantum-Secure Transport Layer Connectivity
Key Generation via Quantum Random Number
Quantum-Secure Certificate Authority (CA)

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