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Australian Researchers Explore the Integration of Quantum Computing with Commercial Activities

By IQT News posted 11 Dec 2020

(Phys.org) A joint research venture between the Monash University School of Physics and Astronomy and the University Melbourne School of Physics is investigating the integration of cutting-edge research in quantum computing with commercial activities.
The Monash lead Dr. Kavan Modi from the School of Physics and Astronomy said a major problem that stands in the way of developing quantum computers is complex and correlated noise—often referred to as ‘non-Markovian’ noise. “It has been a formidable challenge to mitigate or even characterise such noise and remains a central obstacle in the way of building fault-tolerant quantum computers,” said Dr. Modi.
While Australia has made substantial investments in the development of quantum technologies, the country is often thought to lag in terms of commercial activities, especially in comparison with the level of activity in North America, Europe, and China. “Noise characterisation and mitigation should have commercial value and benefit research groups working to develop quantum technologies, both in Australia and internationally,” Dr. Modi said.

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