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Australia Urged to Invest in Quantum Computing Ahead of Future Pandemics

By IQT News posted 31 Jul 2020

(SMH.au) The founder of Sydney startup Q-CTRL says quantum computing could deliver new tools for drug development during future pandemic scenarios and Australia should invest now to reap the benefits.
Michael Biercuk, who is also a professor of quantum physics and quantum technology at the University of Sydney. said global reports that quantum technologies could help solve the COVID-19 crisis were “disingenuous” because the sector is still too young to deliver practical applications. However, scaling up research and development now could help with medical research in the decades to come.
Advances in computing tech have given enormous practical advances in medicine and we think quantum has a role in drug discoveries,” Professor Biercuk said.
These types of technologies are incredibly fragile, however, and Q-CTRL is in the business of offering technology solutions to industry that help stabilise quantum computing processes.

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