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Atos Will Install Supercomputing Finisterrae III & 30-Qubit Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM30) in Spain’s Galician Supercomputing Center (CESGA)

By IQT News posted 30 Jul 2021

(Finance.Yahoo) Atos has been selected by the Galician Supercomputing Center (CESGA), to design, deliver and install a new supercomputing system, named Finisterrae III, based on Atos’ BullSequana X supercomputing architecture, that will multiply the current capacities of the center by twelve, while providing huge storage capacity. The contract also includes a 30-qubit Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM30), which places CESGA as a pioneer in Spain in quantum simulation.
The basic design principle of the Finisterrae III project is to provide a convenient, open, efficient, flexible, and adaptable infrastructure for different computational paradigms. In this sense, the project will provide access to emerging technologies, especially Quantum Computing, thanks to the Atos QLM, which will enable technicians, developers, and users to train on the machine.
CESGA will use the supercomputer for research projects in collaboration with university and industry researchers in Galicia for various strategic areas of science and technology such as nanotechnology, new materials and industrial processes, health and life sciences and ocean sciences. It will also promote the use of HPC and Big Data in SMEs.
It will enable users to adopt new Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques and use these in supercomputing. It will also promote Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Digital Innovation Hub of Galicia, bringing supercomputing techniques to public administrations and extending the use of supercomputing to other areas of knowledge, such as Social Sciences and Humanities.

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