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Atomionics Raises $2.5m In Seed Funding to Develop Quantum Sensor Product

By IQT News posted 08 Apr 2021

(BusinessTimesSingapore) ATOMIONICS, a deeptech startup which develops quantum sensors that enable navigation without GPS, has raised S$2.5 million in seed funding led by Wavemaker Partners, in partnership with SGInnovate and Cap Vista. Fresh funds will be used to build the product and take it to market.
Other investors who participated in the round include 500 Startups’ South-east Asia-focused 500 Durians fund, Apsara Investments, 6th Horizon, Entrepreneur First, and several angel investors.
Atomionic’s quantum sensors have several use cases. These sensors can pinpoint where underground hydrocarbon and mineral reserves are, allow aircraft and submarines to navigate without GPS, as well as detect earthquakes, volcanoes and underground infrastructure, said the startup.
Companies in the construction and tunneling industry, for instance, can use this to identify underground infrastructure like utility lines and existing tunnels before embarking on a new project, said Sahil Tapiawala, chief executive and co-founder of Atomionics. “This reduces the risk of disrupting these utilities when digging, and helps them plan a tunnel optimally.”

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