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Argonne Researchers Develop New Way to Reduce Noise in Quantum Information Devices

By IQT News posted 09 Apr 2019

(MachineDesign) Argonne researchers have reported a new method for reducing the effects of “noise” in quantum information devices.
Argonne researchers Matthew Otten and Stephen Gray have developed a technique that pulls the information out of the noise by repeating the quantum process or experiment many times in sequence or parallel with slightly different noise characteristics, and then analyzing the results.
“It’s like taking a series of flawed photographs,” says Otten. “Each photo has a flaw, but in a different place in the picture. When we compile all the clear pieces from the flawed photos, we get one clear picture.”
“We successfully performed a simple demonstration of our method on the Rigetti 8Q-Agave quantum computer,” says Otten. “This class of methods will likely see much use in near-term quantum computers.”

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