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Archer Materials ushers in use of quantum computing technology in mobile devices with latest 12CQ chip breakthrough

By IQT News posted 02 Feb 2022

(ProactiveInvestors) Archer Materials Ltd says it has detected quantum information in its 12CQ chip for the first time on-chip, at room temperature, using mobile phone-compatible technology.
The company, in collaboration with teams from EPFL, has now used a single-chip integrated electron spin resonance (ESR) detector based on high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) technology to detect and characterise the as-prepared 12CQ qubit material in a controlled atmosphere at room temperature.
The un-optimised ESR chip devices were of sufficient sensitivity to detect the electron spin in a few picolitres (a trillionth of a litre) of qubit material at room temperature. The quantum information in the qubit material is in the form of an electron’s ‘spin’ states.
The quantum states were found to be sufficiently well preserved when operating in an on-chip environment.
he technology paves the way for the implementation of complex qubit control characteristics required in quantum circuits.
“Archer’s 12CQ chip development is unique, as we have the potential to enable quantum-powered mobile devices,” said CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair.

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