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Archer Materials Offering Webinar that Discusses Areas of Quantum Computing that Generate Economic Value

By IQT News posted 21 Apr 2020

(ProactiveInvestors) Archer’s Dr Martin Fuechsle has recorded a highly informative webinar covering areas in quantum computing that generate the most economic value.
Shareholders and investors were invited to provide questions and this proved popular with more than 55 questions submitted.
Archer collated, moderated and themed the questions, and Dr Fuechsle then provided the answers and explanations in the webinar and accompanying presentation.
These include what the current technology barriers to adoption are; applications of quantum computing; the importance of intellectual property assets in the quantum economy; and how Archer’s 12CQ chip technology has the potential to overcome barriers to wide-scale quantum computing adoption to make a global impact.
Archer’s technology development roadmap over the next 12 months focuses on gaining access to the spin state of a single qubit residing on individual carbon nanospheres, and to do so successfully:

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