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Archer Materials Announces Successful Test of Important Quibit Component

By IQT News posted 18 Jun 2020

(DataCenterNews) Archer Materials Limited has officially announced its CQ technology was successful in its most recent test and that this is a significant step forward for its aim of building a working chip prototype.
Conductivity measurements on single qubit components were carried out by Archer staff using conductive atomic force microscopy that was configured using powerful instrumentation systems, and housed in a semiconductor prototype foundry cleanroom.
Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair says, “We have successfully performed our first measurement on a single qubit component which is the most important component, making a significant period moving forward in the development of Archer’s CQ quantum computing chip technology.
Choucair says, “The technology significance of the work is inherently tied to the commercial viability of the CQ technology. The room temperature conductivity potentially enables direct access to the quantum information stored in the qubits by means of electrical current signals on-board portable devices, which require conducting materials to operate, for both control and readout.”
“Building and operating the CQ chip requires measurements to be successfully performed at the very limits of what can be achieved technologically in the world today. Directly proving room-temperature conductivity of the CQ chip qubit component solidifies our global competitive advantage and advances our development towards a working chip prototype.”

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