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Alliance for Quantum Technologies Aims to be the ‘Cern of Quantum Technologies’

By IQT News posted 17 Apr 2019

(E&T) Maria Spiropulu, who is the Shang-Yi Ch’en Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology, is building the Alliance for Quantum Technologies (AQT), a novel consortium of academic and research institutions, and directing INQNET – INtelligent Quantum NEtworks & Technologies programme, which has hubs at both Caltech and the AT&T Palo Alto Foundry. The programme is seed-funded by AT&T and in September was awarded government money through the US Department of Energy’s $218m investment in quantum technologies. . “As a theoretical concept it is very beautiful; however, in practice, we don’t yet have all the components needed to build it.”
Spiropulu previously worked for 10 years on the Tevatron’s collider experiments and 15 years at Cern, The European Organization for Nuclear Research, on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Spiropulu says she wants AQT to be the “Cern of quantum technologies” with INQNET being a set of projects and experiments that will facilitate the quantum internet.

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