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Alice & Bob to integrate cat qubits in datacenters of the future, accelerated by NVIDIA technology.

Alice & Bob collaborate with NVIDIA to further enhance their cat qubits for accelerated quantum computing.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 20 Mar 2024

Alice & Bob, a leading quantum hardware manufacturer and QPU designer, is pioneering the integration of quantum technology into industry data centers by leveraging innovative cat qubits. In a significant move towards this goal, the company announced its collaboration with NVIDIA, incorporating the NVIDIA DGX Quantum system into its framework. This system merges NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips with Quantum Machines’ OPX+ control system, facilitating the running of hybrid algorithms, quantum error correction, calibration, and control at peak performance.

This strategic integration aims to mainstream cat qubit-based quantum computers, known for their potential in building fault-tolerant quantum computing systems.

The collaboration extends to utilizing NVIDIA CUDA Quantum, an open-source platform designed to integrate and program quantum processing units (QPUs), GPUs, and CPUs within a single system. This initiative will enable real-time decoding of complex error correction codes, such as qLDPC, central to Alice & Bob’s approach towards fault-tolerant quantum computing using cat qubits.

The company has also developed DYNAMIQS, an open-source high-performance quantum systems simulation library, to enhance cat qubits’ simulation significantly. This development, accelerated by GPUs, aims to make the technology more accessible to the research community, furthering understanding and interest in cat qubits.

Théau Peronnin, CEO of Alice & Bob, highlighted NVIDIA’s extensive experience in integrating application-specific, high-performance computational tasks into data centers as a crucial factor in their partnership.

“This gives our integration in the launch of NVIDIA Quantum Cloud its deeper meaning,” Peronnin stated in the press release.

“The integration of Alice and Bob’s technology with NVIDIA DGX Quantum is set to help open
the door to real-time error correction — an essential step on the road to useful quantum
computing,” added Tim Costa, director of HPC and quantum at NVIDIA in the recent announcement.

This collaboration is pivotal in making quantum computing practical and beneficial for businesses. This effort represents a significant leap towards realizing fault-tolerant quantum computing, with cat qubits positioned as a promising platform for achieving this goal.

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