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AlgoDynamix Launches Quantum Computing for Behavioural Forecasting for Financial Analytics

By IQT News posted 19 Nov 2020

(BusinessWeekly.co.uk) AlgoDynamix has unveiled a new cloud-based service using technology provided by D-Wave Systems and says it is a world first in behavioural forecasting for financial analytics.
The new service is a no-cost upgrade for premium-level clients; the UK business says its cloud-based calculations will be up to 10,000 faster and will enable additional customer functionality.
The analytics alert flags are sent to clients via e-mail, browser or an optional API. These analytics now provide much more functionality including the new, crucially important FX and FX treasury forecasting capabilities.
AlgoDynamix CEO, Jeremy Sosabowski, adds: “It is great to see yet again how innovative and solutions-oriented our award-winning company is. Back in my (optical) Quantum Mechanics PhD days I could already see the early research which included ground-breaking outcomes such as the Quantum molecular approach to redefining time.
“Being able to apply the power of Quantum Computing to our forecasting analytics is a significant step forward and clients will quickly benefit from increased speed and capabilities across multiple asset classes. I hate to use the phrase ‘game-changer’, but this is a very big step in forecasting technology.”
ABOUT: AlgoDynamix was started in 2013 and incorporated in January 2014 with software based on many years of academic research at the University of Cambridge, where the team met.
The co-founders Jeremy Sosabowski and Wei Teo are both experts in experimental physics, mathematics, and algorithms but were (and still are) somewhat puzzled with the world’s obsession with using past data for future extrapolation purposes; even more so when there is little or no past data available for events such as pandemics, elections, referendums or other ‘never seen before’ events.
Very recent examples of the forecasting analytics – around US elections time, and the start of the Covid pandemic – are shown with the AlgoDynamix analytics providing advance warning of major directional market movements.

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