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Airbus Sponsoring Quantum Computing Challenge for Aircraft Design

By IQT News posted 23 Jan 2019

(VentureBeat) Airbus has announced that it is creating a global competition to encourage developers to find ways quantum computing can be applied to aircraft design. Airbus is already exploring the use of quantum computing in areas such as “route optimization and satellite imagery.”
The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge wants researchers and developers to find ways the technology could be applied in five areas of aircraft design:
1. Optimization of aircraft climb
2. Optimization of wing-box design
3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (which determines aerodynamics of the plane)
4. Partial Differential Equations (also impacts aerodynamics)
5. Aircraft loading optimization
The company is inviting anyone from post-graduate students to academics to entrepreneurs to submit proposals through October 2019. Airbus will then select winners. Click here for the Airbus competition website.

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