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AI Software Tool Helping Quantum Computers to ‘Self-Tune’ for Improved Performance

By IQT News posted 12 Feb 2021

(HPC.Wire) Quantum computing software startup Q-CTRL has unveiled an AI-based toolset billed as enabling quantum computers to “self-tune” for noise and error suppression.
The tools use AI agents to execute algorithms with fewer errors, ultimately boosting the performance of quantum computers for potential enterprise users. The tools are accessible via emerging quantum cloud services.
Los Angeles-based Q-CTRL designs firmware for quantum computers and other quantum devices, employing a form of quantum control to reduce quantum computing errors. One approach involves “robust control” to redefine quantum logic operations used to compose quantum computing algorithms.
“In effect, we rewrite the machine language for the system to yield lower errors,” Michael Biercuk, Q-CTRL’s founder and CEO, noted in an email exchange.
Early demonstrations using IBM’s quantum cloud services platform showed the AI agent forged new quantum logic gates. The autonomously designed gates exhibited lower error rates than the best of those designed by IBM hardware engineers, translating into what the startup claims are more robust algorithms.

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