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How AI and Quantum Computing will Revolutionize the Speed and Scale of Trading

By IQT News posted 23 Sep 2019

(RT.Insights) Computers have revolutionized how we can trade and move capital. Data that can influence trading is now streamed from news agencies, exchanges, legislature, and banks from across the world. The ability to congregate that into singular databases has been defined. Now the challenge is storage and insight-driven decision-making. How and where do we store relevant pieces of data that matter? What do we keep to give historical context?
The beautiful promise of quantum computing: rather than processing binary data (bits -1s and 0s), quantum computers use quantum bits (qubits) to superimpose or entangle bits onto subatomic particles. Superposition then allows that particle to maintain multiple states of data at once. This allows the receiving quantum computer to process that incoming data at an extraordinary rate.
This processing power could enable immensely rapid transmission of data,and enable traders to make on-the-fly portfolio adjustments to maximize cash flow while minimizing risk. Quantum computing combined with AI capabilities will enable allow computers to do the heavy lifting and focus attention to different challenges such as relationship management, informed asset management, and optimizing brokerage of various trades.

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