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AI and Quantum Security: Building a Future Together

By IQT News posted 01 Sep 2021

(SecurityIntelligence) AI is becoming more and more important in any type of computer security. After all, it can help predict both possible risks and potential attacks. Through using AI to analyze collected data, security workers can prioritize threat notifications and vulnerability management. However, the same downside exists as with quantum security — threat actors also use it. Businesses and agencies that do not embrace AI will quickly find it challenging to defend against attacks from it.
Combining quantum and AI tech might be the next goal on the horizon. While quantum security and AI are each powerful alone, Pew Research Center reported that early studies of combining them are showing positive results. The University of Vienna created a hybrid AI model that used both quantum and classical computing at the same time to analyze many ways to solve a problem. The study found that the mix of AI and quantum tech resulted in learning the solution to the problem 60% faster than with the classical computing model alone.
The appeal of using AI and quantum isn’t just that they’re faster together, though. Because if they can process more data faster, they can both provide predictions on many new types of activities and make current predictions more accurate. In short, this means you can expand both depth and breadth with one change.

One of the biggest challenges with quantum security is that the attacks are constantly evolving. As soon as you start looking for a specific type of attack, threat actors are typically already a step ahead and on to a totally new type of attack. By using AI with quantum, defenders can more accurately and quickly detect novel threats, which means limiting the damage. Because AI becomes smarter with more data analyzed, AI algorithms become more accurate, more quickly, with quantum.

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