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Accenture: Telecoms’ shortcut to a quantum future through leverage of existing technology

By IQT News posted 18 Mar 2022

(Accenture) Adriano Poloni, Managing Director of Accenture is the author of this LinkedIn article discussing “telecoms’ short cut a quantum future.” Inside Quantum Technology summarizes.
Poloni asserts, “. . . though the science can be daunting, the era of practical quantum computing and communications is in fact a lot closer than many realize.. .” and provides his rationale.
This is particularly true for telecommunications companies whose existing networks provide them with a strong foundation for the transition to quantum technology. In many cases, quantum networks will be able to layer over existing fiber optic satellite networks. This ability to leverage existing technology into newer technology gives telecommunications companies are shortcut to a quantum future that is approaching rapidly.
Of these technologies arising from quantum science, it is quantum communications that is the most advanced, and it is Communications Service Providers (CSP) that are poised to play a key role in what happens next.
While quantum networks are expanding across the world, they are also going deep – developing capabilities that include the integration of quantum cryptography with current systems, improved clock synchronization, and the building blocks of a quantum Internet that will ultimately connect powerful quantum computers with each other.
A key component of this early development is the ability to conduct cost-effective simulations before pursuing expensive strategies. CSPs have a long history of transforming expensive ideas into practical products and services that create revenue.
A rapidly growing number of CSPs and startups are beginning to develop the devices that will launch current networks into the quantum era. Just as they transformed earlier technological breakthroughs like AI and cloud computing into chatbots, data analysis and other practical equipment, CSPs are now poised to design and develop the devices that underpin quantum communications.
This equipment ranges from nodes, repeaters and quantum-encrypted phones to next-generation fiber and software.
Quantum communications are complicated, and a significant amount of capital and effort will be needed to make them practical. But much of the basic infrastructure exists already, and thanks to the experience that CSPs have with other new technologies, the jump to quantum could be much quicker than many realize.

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