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A New Version of ID Quantique’s QRNG Quantis Appliance Is Now Available

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 30 Jun 2020

(EIN.News) Id Quantique’s new Quantis Appliance 2.0 distributes true and unpredictable randomness to multiple networking and security applications and systems in parallel, for bullet-proof protection of sensitive data, servers, virtual machines and private networks. It also ensures server random pools always have true entropy and augment the entropy of random number generators in security systems such as AAA servers, central key management servers, PKI servers or any security modules. Other applications include gaming, simulations or modelling.
The new Quantis appliance 2.0 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of high availability environments with a robust FIPS/NEBS compliant chassis, hot-swap redundant power supplies and fans, and Hot Standby feature. It integrates seamlessly in any network through standard REST API. The system architecture has been specifically developed with parallelizable processes that allow to minimize latency and offer the best performance without compromising security even at peak times: it delivers quantum randomness to multiple servers in parallel and can serve 8’000 requests of 256-bit keys per second.
Easy to manage, the Quantis Appliance 2.0 presents a simple CLI for administrator to set SSL certificates, and configure network parameters. It also features a built-in web-based application for displaying system information and performances and retrieve random data files and generate syslog alerts for troubleshooting.
“Servers in datacenters use notoriously bad randomness as they have little access to quality entropy sources apart from disc interrupts and other fluctuations” says Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and co-founder of ID Quantique. “With minimum integration and management resources requirements, this new version of the Quantis Appliance can serve multiple requests in parallel from any application needing true unpredictable randomness. It can greatly improve the authentication and encryption of any data at rest and data in transit at any OSI network layers.”

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