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01 Communique Signs Partnership Agreement with iThreat Inc. to Sell IronCAP Technology

By IQT News posted 07 Apr 2021

(IT.NewsOnline) 01 Communique has announced that the Company has signed a partnership agreement with iThreat Inc., a United States-based cybersecurity company providing breach and attack emulation solutions to help clients prevent cyberattacks. Upon testing IronCAP’s algorithm at its month-long Bounty Contest, iThreat Inc. deemed IronCAP “uncrackable” and concluded that the attack methodologies for traditional asymmetric encryption algorithms such as RSA, do not apply to IronCAP.
Hugo Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder of iThreat Inc. stated, “I’m proud to announce the technology partnership between IronCAP; and rThreat Inc. Our team of developers look forward to using IronCAP’s technology and their revolutionary encryption methodologies to help us create the next generation of custom and forced zero-day artifacts for quantum-era cyberattacks. IronCAP’s state of the art technology will not only help boost our platform capabilities, but ultimately allow our customers to better prepare for the impending future of quantum computing and quantum-era cyberattacks that will follow.”
Andrew Cheung, CEO of 01 Communique commented, “Cybersecurity threats are on an all-time high now and they will get much worse with the skyrocketing advancement in quantum computing. Enterprises need to act quickly to secure their data and prepare for the post-quantum cybersecurity. iThreat Inc. is the pioneer in developing test-oriented artifacts for new generation of cyber threats and our IronCAP; technology provides the best-in-class quantum-safe cryptography. I am confident that the synergy of our partnership will create solutions to safeguard our customers from cyberattacks today and in the new quantum era.”

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