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01 Communique partners with Thales to provide quantum-safe cryptographic solutions

By IQT News posted 10 Feb 2022

(01-CommuniqueNews) 01-Communique, one of the first-to-market, enterprise level cybersecurity providers for the quantum computing era, is pleased to announce its new technology partnership with Thales, a trusted global technology leader headquartered in Paris, France. The partnership will foster the development and joint-marketing of quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions for global businesses, organizations and governments to help them achieving cyber resilience.

“Cybercrime is at its peak now and the rapid development in quantum computing intensifies the existing cybersecurity threats as it renders current encryption systems obsolete. We are thrilled to partner with Thales to pioneer the development of qualified, quantum-safe cryptographic solutions to protect valuable digital assets from the threats posed by quantum computing,” said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO of 01 Communique. “Quantum computing is not far from commercial use. We must prepare and start migrating our current encryption systems to become quantum-safe now.”

IronCAP™’s patent-protected cryptographic technology is designed to operate on current computer systems to safeguard against the ever-increasing cyber threats. 01 Communique believes this partnership will empower vendors/businesses with quantum-safe solutions to seamlessly tackle cybersecurity risks today as well as the soon to arrive quantum threats.

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