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01 Communique Anticipating Q-Day and Working for Quantum-Safe Solutions

By IQT News posted 14 Dec 2020

(FinanceYahoo) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc has been monitoring quantum computers’ evolution since its infancy stage.
The technology is in its early stages; however, the threat is here and is extremely real. Quantum computing will make the security of your data, communications, and even blockchains fatally unprotected. Right now, this threat is on every organization’s top list, and those who look beyond today’s challenges are proactively planning for the imminent danger brought by their advent.
For Andrew Cheung, CEO of 01 Communique, the road against the future quantum threat began over ten years ago.
“We feel like Wayne Gretzky skating to meet the puck by anticipating Q-Day and work with our partners to embrace it when everyone is desperately looking for a quantum-safe solution,” said Cheung.
01 COMMUNIQUE has identified risks from quantum computers and has created solutions to protect against them. Most of the current encryption used by the government today is based on prime number factorization. “Becoming quantum-safe 2-years-too-early or 2-years-too-late is everything,” said Cheung.
The key to creating quantum-safe encryption lies in mathematics. 01 Communique’s advanced post-quantum cryptography technologies will guard against cyberattacks of conventional computers as well as future attacks from quantum computers, so data can be safe not only now but also in the quantum future. The company’s cryptographic technology, IronCAP, operates on conventional computer systems to protect platforms today and in the world of quantum computers.
“Quantum advancements in the cybercommunity have led to the birth of IronCAP. We are providing tomorrow’s cybersecurity, today,” said Cheung.
During the company’s third-quarter, 01 Communique increased its revenue resulting in close to breakeven financial results, and added capital to allow the company to allot a further $938,000 to continue advancing the growth of their business and the development of products based on IronCAP technology. 01 Communique is well-funded and debt-free, offering both the encryption engine and a vertical solution.

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